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If You Think Safety is Expensive Wait Until You have an Accident


We offer professional Health, Safety & Environmental consulting services to employers, managers, supervisors and workers.

  • Safety evaluations, recommendations and implementation plans
  • Claims Management to reduce workers' compensation losses
  • Mentoring services for your new NCSO
  • Assist companies with their existing safety programs
  • Safety program development
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Health, safety and environmental management system (Safety Program)

We can assist and coach employers in the development and implementation of a HSE management system that will lead to them achieving a "Certification of Recognition" (COR).

Safety Program Manuals Developed for Large / Medium / Small Companies

Whether your company is large or small unusually complex or routine Alberta Safety Consulting Ltd. can work with your organization to outline the precise services that will best accomplish your safety goals. Our approach to health and safety is to create a practical, working system for both employers as well as employees and not just to provide documentation that merely sit on the shelf.

Achieving Certificate of Recognition (COR)

We specialize in assisting small to large size companies in achieving their Alberta Certificate of Recognition. We also specialize in mentoring employees and safety persons through the COR process and assist in developing a health and safety program manual that would meet the Certificate of Recognition guidelines for both COR and SECOR.

Need assistance in achieving a Certificate Of Recognition?



PHSM - Principles of Health and Safety Management
LSE - Leadership for Safety Excellence
ATP - Auditor Training Program
LEG - Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Legislation Awareness

All companies should possess a comprehensive health and safety program regardless of its size. Alberta Safety Consulting Ltd. is a professional firm providing consultation in the areas of implementing safety programs, developing safety manuals and program evaluations. Alberta Safety Consulting Ltd. follows the highest professional standards. Whether your project is large or small, unusually complex, or routine, we can work with your organization to outline the precise services that will best accomplish your safety goals.

Our approach to health and safety is to create a practical, working system for both employers and employees. As a health and safety consulting company we assist our clients in reviewing their working practices and existing management systems, to carry out appropriate and realistic risk assessment and to identify sensible control measures and establish practical management procedures to ensure compliance with legislation.

NOTE: We can also assist employers in the development of internal safety related training programs.

Please call 780 - 910-7233
Our staff are certified instructors for the Alberta Construction Safety Association


External / Internal Safety Audits

For Certificate of Recognition (COR) Safety Audit please call:

We can also assist your safety person in completing their self-audit to become a certified auditor. Individual mentoring has its benefits and can help eliminate audit rejection. This mentoring also helps your company's safety person to understand the Certificate of Recognition guidelines.

Mentoring Services

  • Assist personnel in the development of the company health and safety program, which saves time and money
  • Hands on mentoring on how to perform a hazard assessment / safety inspection, so they are performed correctly to meet the COR Guidelines and OH&S legislation.
  • Understanding the Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Legislation to meet the company's due diligence.

Businesses should ensure that top management is involved in the safety program and in its inception, otherwise it will not receive the attention and enthusiasm it needs to become part of the business culture. Let our staff share their knowledge and expertise with your safety people which will help reduce worker injuries and save the company money.


Our competent staff are available to assist employers at internal training functions (seminar`s, dinners, etc) to provide motivational talks on safety related issues that impact the work site.